Firefall Sports

Firefall Sports organizes rec sports for Catholic young adults in Denver. From casual to competitive pickup, leagues, and tournaments, we've got the perfect place for you to build friendships and draw closer to the Lord.

Why We Do It

We want Catholic young adults to thrive. That's only possible if their lives are centered on Christ, and if they're surrounded by a community that shares the same eternal values. We use rec sports to get the ball rolling.

The Secret Sauce

How It Works

Our method for helping Catholic young adults build friendships and draw closer to Christ couldn't be simpler.

Feel the Ache

A young adult feels the need for community.

Hit the Field

They join others in a common purpose: a team sport.

Make Friends

Friends are the people we find walking alongside us when we chase a goal.

Grow in Faith

We are the sum of our five closest friends. Good things happen when they're good.


Our mission is to use worship, talks, and active recreation to facilitate authentic relationships between young adults and local Churches, their peers, and ultimately the Lord.

Why Firefall

We help Catholic young adults thrive by building friendships centered on Christ. We use sports to...get the ball rolling, you might say. But we can't do it without you.