Volleyball Tournament


Saturday, August 24th, 2024
Intermediate and up
$150 gift card

Outdoor 4v4 Volleyball Tournament

This is an outdoor grass 4v4 co-ed volleyball tournament. It is comprised of group play (games of two sets to 21) followed by a knockout round (games of a single set to 25). We provide and set up the nets and volleyballs. You will play at least 5 games.

All teams must have at least one player of each gender on the court at all times or leave one position vacant. You may play with less than four people, but your opponent will still be allowed four players.

How to Register

There are three ways to register:

  1. Team Captain: You're in charge of gathering your friends and coming up with a truly unique and hilarious name. When you sign up, you will be given a code your friends can use to join your team. The best part? You're not on the hook for a registration fee - each player pays for themselves.
  2. Team Player: If one of your friends has already signed up as a Captain, take the code they gave you and use the Team Player link to join their team.
  3. Free Agent: We get it; maybe you don't know enough people who want to play. Well, that's about to change. Sign up as a free agent, and we'll put you on a team with some of your future best friends.

Levels of Play

We divide play into three levels:

  1. Casual: Come one, come all. This is a great place to learn and have fun. Some players will have never touched a ball before, while others who are quite good will choose to invest time in helping other people get better.
  2. Intermediate/Semi-Competitive: You can bump and set, and you're working on spiking. You want to play at a higher level than casual, but you'd rather not have some 6'7 dude spiking the ball in your face. (Let's be honest, who does?)
  3. Advanced/Competitive: You can bump, set, and spike consistently. Some players might even hit pretty hard. Others are working up to that level. You don't have to have played in High School or College to join, but you should be ready to play against a few people who have.

Depending on how many teams sign up for this tournament, we may end up splitting into multiple divisions based on those levels of play.


  1. Casual: We're not going to say *anything* goes, but since people are learning, it's a no-pressure call-your-own-mistakes kind of deal.
  2. Intermediate/Semi-Competitive: You can't touch the net, step on the line while serving, or commit obvious lifts, but we won't be too picky about double-touches on sets or tipping the ball.
  3. Advanced/Competitive: Before the game, both teams decide how closely they want to call the game, but calling it as tightly as possible is encouraged.

Why Firefall

We help Catholic young adults thrive by building friendships centered on Christ. We use sports to...get the ball rolling, you might say. But we can't do it without you.